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Awkward Facebook Moments

In Uncategorized on December 20, 2010 at 3:22 am

You know what’s awkward? When you’re on Facebook and you leave a funny comment on someone’s status and no one bothers to comment any longer.

For example, someone posted a funny video link regarding ‘hipsters’ and I posted: “I LOVE this!” underneath. Now, this person who posted the link is just barely a friend of mine. I haven’t seen you in 3 years, but we were close enough to ‘like’ each others statuses. She then replied: “I know. I think we should have one in our city.”

That’s when I thought it would be funny to reply: “Ya, I totally agree. We should have it on _____ street. That’s where all the hispters are!”

And I thought she would agree with my comment, or even like it… but three days later, she didn’t even reply. That made me feel really bad, as if I broke some sort of unmentionable facebook limit. It was like: “Listen bud, we were friends 3 years ago… but I’m not THAT good friends with you.”

So I consulted some of my friends about it and asked if my comment was unwarranted, or just fundamentally unfunny. None of them found it TOO bad to post.

Therefore, this made me realize that there are such things as “Awkward Facebook Moments”.

These awkward moments can include:

1) Posting a funny status and having no one “like” it.

2) “Liking” someone’s semi-embarrasing status. Then no one else bothers to like it and you look like a creep / ass.

3) Commenting on someone’s status and expecting a reply. But no reply comes.

4) Posting a question on someone’s page and they don’t reply.

5) Sending a message to someone and they don’t reply

6) Someone you wish you didn’t hear from again messages you. You don’t want to reply but if you don’t they’ll know that you ignored them.

7) Accidentally adding someone to a message or event.

8 ) Starting a facebook chat with someone you didn’t intend to.

9) Posting a status with a VERY embarrassing spelling mistake.

10) When your mother or a relative adds you on facebook.

11) When someone posts an embarrassing photo of you, but you don’t want to be a nag and ask them to delete it.

These are just a FEW of the awkward moments one can have on Facebook.

So… please tell me: Have YOU had a specific funny awkward facebook moment? OR Can you add something else to this list?


Elevator Rides

In Uncategorized on November 22, 2010 at 12:28 am

You know what’s awkward? Elevator Rides. Especially when you the elevator has enough room for just one more person – and that person is you.
I was in an elevator the other day, packed all the way, there must have been at least 12 of us jammed in there. It was really awkward because as I squeezed in, I awkwardly touched everyone immediately adjacent to me, and as I was doing so I heard so many people just… sigh. Immediately, I felt unwelcome. “Sorry,” I was thinking, “That i kind of have to get to another floor.” But apparently people get upset when their personal bubbles are popped by determined people, or people wanting some convenient type of vertical transportation.

I think the main issue with elevators is the fact that when the doors close, no matter how many people are in it (well, it HAS to have at least one person), you can’t help but feel uncomfortable that the other person is there. The general convention, usually, is to look down at the ground, or if it’s a glass elevator look out the glass. However, sometimes you get those moments when you need to look at the buttons and select which floor you want to go to, and you inadvertently catch a glance with the other person. It’s just an invasion of the precious viewspace.

We don’t want to get into each others lives, or at least stranger’s lives. That’s why we avoid contact. Whenever you have an awkward moment, it’s usually because you’re entering into someone’s life, and you’re embarrassed by what you see or feel.

But what’s even more awkward is when you walk into an elevator, and the next floor a group of really close friends enter. They joke and laugh very loudly, not feeling awkward at all – but to you, it’s wierd because you’re the only one there who isn’t apart of their conversations, yet you are overhearing them without restraint.

BUT nothing compares to the time when I was with an overly-friendly woman in an elevator and, for only a brief moment, the lights went off and we were left in complete darkness. I’m not going to go into how she screamed, or how she annoying laughed afterwards – but instead I will talk about how we both came out of that elevator knowing each other on a very personal level.

What do you think?

Goatees and Chinstraps

In Uncategorized on November 4, 2010 at 11:44 pm

So… it’s Movember. That means awkward goatees and chinstraps.

These semi-douchey pieces of facial hair seem to be almost the default style for anyone wanting to be ‘trendy’ with their facial hair. Now really, they aren’t THAT bad; but on the wrong person it can just be a disaster.

So why do men do it?

Well the feeling of an overgrown, wild forest of hair on your face – I would assume – frightens most self conscious people. And it’s not like the goatee doesn’t look bad…. it’s just a little _________ (you fill in the blanks).


So tell me, people. Why do people grow goatees and chinstraps?

Language Barrier

In Uncategorized on September 11, 2010 at 11:08 pm

You know what’s awkward? Talking to someone who speaks an entirely different language than you.

If you happen to be traveling to a different country, or a place that just speaks a different language, you will encounter these circumstances. So when you speak to a person who does not speak your language, it can be one of the most awkward situations ever. There are several reasons why:

1) When you first talk to this person, they give you a look. Not a bad look, but a look of a deer in the headlights or one of complete misunderstanding (which really is understandable, but is really awkward).

2) The whole duration of your conversation consists of “Can you speak slower” or “Do you speak English” or “I’m sorry?”

3) When it’s time to go, the other person doesn’t know it because they can’t understand what you are saying. So to them, it seems like you are just walking away.

Have you been in a situation where you’ve encountered the language barrier?

Itching Yourself During Public Gatherings

In Uncategorized on September 10, 2010 at 12:23 am

You know what’s awkward? When people itch themselves in public – especially when its in a quiet concert or a quiet church service.

The thing is… you can actually hear them itching, and it’s one of the weirdest sounds to hear when the room goes completely silent. Now a lot of the time, people don’t realize that they are itching themselves, and that’s usually okay because people ignore it, but it’s those times when you’re in a social gathering, you have an incredible urge to itch your bare leg so you do, and then everyone stops talking just out of coincidence and the only thing people hear are the ‘scratch-scratch-scratch’ of your finger moving across your skin. (Queue the nervous laughter or shifty looks.)

So I guess my point here is, when you’re in public and you need to itch your bare skin… just do so a little more discretely. It’s really awkward when people can actually hear you itch.

What do you guys think?

Sensor Lights

In Uncategorized on September 4, 2010 at 10:26 pm

You know what’s awkward? Sensor lights.

I believe Natalie Tran had already pointed this out (all credit goes to CommunityChannel. Check it out on youtube.), but I would really like to discuss the awkwardness of these lights in further detail.

Sensor lights are usually placed on houses. They can be placed there for many reasons: 1) someone thinks that surprise-light-attacks can scare off robbers… or 2) sensor lights are just more efficient.

Therefore, when I’m walking up to someone’s house in the middle of the night (don’t worry… I’m not up to mischief. Just visiting a friend.) I don’t expect it at all when a light just appears on me – similar to a spotlight – and I suddenly think: “who just turned on that light? Are they watching me?”

But quickly, I realize it’s just a sensor light. But for that little millisecond there when that beam of light suddenly went on and it was so bright I couldn’t see… I felt really scared.

Because it’s night, really, and you’re not expecting a light to suddenly turn on – otherwise the owner would have had it on in the first place. But when that light went on… I kind of felt like I was suddenly caught in the act! You know what I’m talking about – even though you didn’t do something, you feel like someone thought you did.

So I don’t know, I found that really awkward. And it was incredibly weird too, because the light remained on but when I walked away it suddenly turned off. It’s like the light was creepily stalking me.
I don’t know. Do you guys think sensor lights are awkward? Do you have any similar stories?

Those Unnoticed Waves

In Uncategorized on September 4, 2010 at 12:05 am

You know that’s really awkward? When you wave at someone and they don’t see you.

So today I was walking through a crowded hallway, and walking towards me on the other end of the hallway was a friend of mine I hadn’t seen in a while. Since I was so happy to see this friend, I waved furiously trying to get her attention, almost on the verge of jumping off the ground.

This is when it goes bad.

Right then and there she turns because someone she knew just stopped and said hi. So I’m left there, having waved furiously at this girl, and she didn’t even see me.

Now, what’s really awkward about this situation is: after my wave went unnoticed, every person who was walking toward me at the time thought I was waving at them. In their opinion, they were just walking down a hallway, doing their thing, when some frantic lunatic just started jumping up and down while waving furiously at them. So clearly, they’re thinking: who the heck is this guy? So as I stood there, waiting for my friend to walk towards me, everyone else in the hallway was giving me this odd look. I was embarrased.

But that’s not all.

Someone else I knew, someone who I preferably wouldn’t talk to, thought I had waved at him… so he came up to me to say hi.

Do you know how awkward it is to say: “Oh, haha, sorry there bud. I wasn’t waving at you. I was waving at my friend.” Thank god, I didn’t say that… but it left this awkward situation where I was left to deal with this person who I’d rather not talk to.

But the final nail in the coffin was that while I was talking to this person I don’t like very much, my friend who I originally waved at walked right beside me and gave me a look of : “why are you talking to him?” and ALL MY EMBARRASSMENT WENT TO WASTE!!!!!!

I think it would have been more awkward, though, if the hallway was completely deserted and there was only my friend and a random stranger walking apart of each other. Had I waved to my friend, but she didn’t see because she got distracted, that only other person totally would have thought I’d have waved at them because, hey, they’d be the only one in the hallway. Then they’d look behind themselves to check if I was waving to someone behind them…. then it would have just been awkward.

Have you guys been in a situation like that? Please please PLEASE leave a story in the comment section!

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Those Awkward Moments

In Uncategorized on September 3, 2010 at 11:05 pm

You know what’s just absolutely awesome – those awkward moments in our lives. We all have them, we all have been through unique moments, but don’t you think they are just the bee’s knees?

Personally, I LOVE awkward moments. They are those parts of your life where you can laugh at, where things aren’t so serious. But rather, awkward moments seem to be able to take those parts of our lives that we take seriously… and just poke fun at it.

For example, when you wave at somebody in a hallway and they don’t see you wave, but everyone else in the hallway did… it’s really awkward because you’re too ashamed that you put yourself on display for nothing. So it’s moments like this that really show you how life can’t be taken seriously all the time.

My blog is dedicated to those awkward moments. I think it’s awesome to take those awkward moments that happen daily in my life, it seems, and just dissect them for what they are. Sometimes I come to the realization that a particular awkward moment showed me humor in life, or maybe I’ll dissect how the awkward moment displays those hidden insecurities that make awkward moments…well, awkward!

So, please, feel free to read! Enjoy! And pass on the link to your friends!

Airplane Rides

In Uncategorized on September 2, 2010 at 1:46 am

You know what’s awkward? When you’re stuck in an airplane beside someone you don’t like.

Airplane rides are notorious for being squishy, cold, uncomfortable, and most of all – really, REALLY long! So it’s crucial to be sitting either next to a family member you like, or at least a stranger that you don’t mind. Therefore, when you’re walking down the aisle of the airplane, anxiously searching for your seat and finally when you happen upon it, your stomach sinks when you discover (to your horror) that the person you’re sitting beside is terribly out of your comfort range.

Now depending on what type of person you are, or mainly how patient and tolerant you are, you may find yourself sitting beside an emo-youngster that’s blasting music out their dish plate-sized ear phones, or some really stuffy business man who is too busy to acknowledge your presence because he is caught up in his blackberry, or it could even be… now I know this is cliche… a very young toddler who can’t stop crying.

But it’s really amazing the people you meet on plane rides. If you’re taking an especially long flight (as in from New York to LA, or even London to San Fransisc0) you certainly get to know a lot about the person sitting beside you. This case may be extremely particular if the person sitting beside you is a Chatty Cathy and won’t stop telling you about how their nephew’s girlfriend forgot to feed their fish and ended up finding the fish strewed out on the floor of their kitchen after the cat got to it. (I’ve had a woman tell me this on a plane once. Then she proceeded to explain the climate, in great detail, of her hometown…)

So there gets to a point when everything just becomes awkward. This may happen immediately and can be instigated by the first glance exchanged between you and your seat-buddy. In this case, few words are exchanged and it is often ended in both companies awkwardly taking out their headphones and listening to their iPods.

But sometimes things go well. Really well, and you are genuinely interested in the person beside you. I’ve met quite a few people on a plane that I have had intriguing conversations with… but there comes the point when everything interesting has been told and no one knows what to say. That’s when I take out my iPod again… I don’t know. But it IS really unfortunate when things like that happen, because you guys now share some emotional connection because you were talking very in depth and you both feel a little disappointed that you can’t keep it going. Or maybe it’s because you feel like you just found out all about the other person, and when there’s nothing left to talk about it feels like you’ve stolen a bit of their history to ferment in your mind.

My Personal Favorite type of person on airplane rides are the people who just sleep. It’s like they have to TOTALLY draw themselves out of an awkward situation by sleeping. (that, or they’re really tired. Haha! That’s always a possibility!) But for the whole ride while they are sleeping I just feel bored, so I look at their unattractive, unresponsive body and just think to myself: what if I just gave them a wet willy right now? Come on! That’s a cool ice-breaker! Haha just kidding.

However, I think that reclining your chair is also a very awkward thing to do, because you know the person behind you isn’t pleased……. but you REALLY want that leg room!

Do you guys have any funny airplane “seat-buddy” stories? Which are more awkward: Airplane rides or Bus rides?

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Singing in the Car

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You know what’s awkward? When you’re singing in your car and you look over, mid verse, to find someone in another car staring at you in horror.

I don’t know if everyone does this, but I have this annoying habit of whenever I’m driving, to crank up some music and just start singing. Now, I’m a person that loves my music – don’t get me wrong, so whenever I’m in the mood, I find it appropriate to sing along (sometimes embarrassingly loudly).

Now, this can be a dangerous thing to do in public because, after all, I am a very bad singer. So whenever I’m in the safety of my car, I feel like I’m in a protective bubble where no one else can hear me sing. However, what I NEVER take into account is that although people can’t hear me, they certainly can SEE me!

So here is my story:

Today I was driving down a road, cranking up (now don’t get angry at me readers!! please!) a Lady Gaga song. I started to sing along, feeling comfortable. And just as I was turning left onto another street, I looked into another car as I was singing and saw an acquaintance of mine driving the other car. Their facial expression was priceless. It was this utter look of horror, puzzlement, and a bit of intrigue. It was SO awkward! At this moment I quickly finished my turn and accelerated, getting my ass out of there as quick as I could!

Now, I see this acquaintance of mine all the time, everyday actually; so the next time I saw this person, there was that awkward thought in the back of each of our minds that he had seen me very embarrassingly sing in my car.

See, the problem with this situation is that I had to see this person afterwards. I don’t know, I find that quite awkward.

But it’s always funny to see people’s reactions when they see you singing or dancing in your car. I’ve been in instances where I’ve had little, sweet old grannys discover me singing. They gave me looks of startlement mixed with anger, almost as if I shouldn’t be singing at all! “Back in my day, we sang in churches or rehearsal halls! Not in cars!”

Then there’s always the “stressed out soccor mom” who gives you a look of extreme contempt, as if the sight of you singing will damage her childrens futures and that you’ve clearly made the wrong decisions.

Then there’s the business man who sees you, then tries to quickly ignore you and pretend like it didn’t happen at all!

Naw, I love all of those types of people above – I think they are incredible! It’s just awkward for them to see you singing and dancing to cranked up music while you’re driving.

What do you guys think? Have you had any experiences like that?

Do you think singing in the car is ‘appropriate’ for today’s social standards?

Have YOU been the ‘other person in the car’ who caught someone else singing in another car?

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